TheButchersDog project

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

What is The Butchers Dog project?

Originally the Project was going to be a portal for me to teach, inspire and help change the lives of forty-somethings who were looking to crush their health and increase longevity in order to stay topside for as long as possible. This is still the general idea, but I feel like this has been done to death by people who are a whole lot smarter and more experienced than I am. If you check the blog from last year – if you are one of the 5 people who actually read my posts, you will see that the original posts followed a fairly standard narrative. I have decided to change this up a bit. It wasn’t a conscious decision to change to become more readable as such, it was more a moment of epiphany. A moment of: “hang on, if no-one’s going to read this shit then why don’t I just make it a self indulgent black-hole for me to vent on a whole bunch of health related stuff?”

So, The Butchers Dog Project 2.0 will be exactly this. A platform for me to share ideas and views, but also a place for me to bitch and moan about the stupid shit that people do in the name of fitness. Subject titles such as: The bulk conundrum – women and weight training. Carb loading for fun-runners. Why I wouldn’t date a woman who wears high heels. Why it is OK to be selfish when it comes to your health. If your friends don’t support you, then get new friends – that sort of thing……

Not everyone will like this blog – I hope that not everyone likes this blog. If I’m not pissing people in traditional camps off then I am not doing the blog justice. I won’t be purposefully slating individuals – unless they deserve it. I merely want to push the boundaries to get people thinking about new ideas and questioning their established habits. If I can do this, then maybe I can become a small cog in the wheel of progress.

If not, then at least this shit isn’t just going to be going round and round in my head, ruining my otherwise pretty awesome day.